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Nara One Day Tour “Nara sightseeing tour”

Nara sightseeing tour: Todaiji Temple and its Great Buddha Hall → Kasuga Shrine with thousands of stone lanterns → Nara deer Park



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Nara One Day Tour, any time of the year

Welcome to Nara, a city steeped in history and natural beauty!
Let's begin our tour by visiting Todai-ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Japan's most iconic landmarks. Marvel at the colossal Great Buddha housed inside the Daibutsuden Hall, and explore the serene surroundings of Nara Park, where you'll find friendly deer roaming freely.
Next, we'll head to Kasuga Shrine, a sacred Shinto shrine nestled within Nara Park. Take in the tranquil atmosphere as you stroll through the ancient cedar forest and admire the vibrant vermilion-colored torii gates.
Continue our adventure in Nara Park, where you can interact with the park's gentle, manual deer population. Don't forget to purchase some deer crackers to feed these adorable creatures as they come up to you with curiosity and charm.
Nara's blend of cultural heritage and natural wonders makes it an unforgettable destination. Enjoy your journey through this enchanting city! [Read more...]

Todai-ji Temple

Todai-ji is a Buddhist temple complex whose main building is one of the largest wooden structures in the world. Built in the mid-8th century by order of the emperor with donations from all over the country, the temple features the biggest bronze statue of Buddha in Japan. Almost all the bronze produced in Japan at the time was used to cast the colossal sculpture. The complex also has several unique wooden structures, including the giant Nandaimon Gate with the famous Nio guard figures, the Bell Tower, and Nigatsu-do Hall. The entire complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kasuga Shrine

Kasuga Taisha is one of Japan’s most ancient Shinto shrines, founded in the mid-8th century to protect the capital, Nara. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is famous for its kasuga-zukuri architectural style, the thousands of stone and bronze lanterns decorating its grounds, and the pristine ancient forest where sacred deer, considered messengers of the deities, roam free.